SEO – search optimization

SEO is the watchword to propel your website on top of the search engines. But search engine optimization is a complex field with too many calculations and strategies. It would be anyday smarter to rest the job with professionals so that you get more time to focus on your business. Malta is fast taking up to digital marketing and there are scores of SEO firms around. But then, not all can promise the best possible optimization for your website. Below are the 4 main questions you should ask before signing up with a SEO professional or company in Malta.

Can you offer me a list of your present and past clients?

Check out how their (the clients’) websites are faring on the search engine. All of them might not be right on the first page but at least should be on the first few SERPs. Also see whether your chosen SEO professional has worked for a diverse range of industries. It’s an important point to consider while choosing a SEO service. For example, holds the experience of working with several industries, ranging from tech to realty to law to import/export etc.

A versatile portfolio has helped the site to garner a rich understanding on “specific” keywords and optimization strategies relevant for each industry niche.

What policies are you going to adopt for me and why?

The process of SEO entails a wide range of strategies. Though it’s always better to incorporate as many strategies as possible in your campaign- but then not all policies would be suitable for you. Something that is suitable for a real estate firm might not be conducive for a fashion house. Observe whether the professional or the SEO firm takes time out to study your typical business needs and market demands. If not, he or the company won’t be able to offer a calculated and rational answer on “what” and “why” of the SEO strategies for your particular campaign.

Do you have the right resources for my SEO campaign?

Every 1 in 3 SEO companies in Malta will claim to extend a premium SEO service. But not all have the adequate resources to realize that claim in practice. Thus, you should always ask beforehand what resources the company or professional holds to channelize your SEO campaign.

Are you acquainted with latest SEO trends?

Gather some data on the new trends in search engine optimization beforehand. If the professional says “yes”, ask him about the trends that he claims to know. Inquire how does he update himself? Is he in touch with industry experts? Does he follow webinars and seminars on SEO? A truly knowledgeable person would be flexible to describe his learning process to establish credibility before clients.